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Art at Tokara


At Tokara Winery – until 14 September 2015

Why Harbinger?

As 'a messenger that brings news of the future' this exhibition launches a change in the approach to Art at Tokara….

The artists and their works shown on Harbinger have been selected to create an exhibition which has the character of a considered, private collection. In keeping with our vision of fostering connections between South African art-makers and patrons, Julia Meintjes Fine Art encourages collectors (big and small) to develop confidence in their own taste and make purchases (big and small) which celebrate their personal interests. We guide and advise those who support South African artists in how to acquire singular pieces by artists of their choice.

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28 artworks - click the Title for full details

1: Owusu-Ankomah | Thinking the mircrocron No.3
Reference ID: 09771

2: Regi Bardavid | Abstract - A sunset in Africa
Reference ID: 05639

3: Regi Bardavid | The Great Seal
Reference ID: 06664

4: Guy du Toit | Shadow piece IV 1/1
Reference ID: 08709/1

5: Guy du Toit | Shadow piece I 1/1
Reference ID: 08751/1

6: Guy du Toit | Shadow piece V 1/1
Reference ID: 08752/1

7: Furniture maker | Armchair, Cape stinkwood
Reference ID: 09772

8: Furniture maker | Table, (side table) Cape Rococo teak
Reference ID: 09773

9: Furniture maker | Server, teak Danish sideboard
Reference ID: 09775

10: Claire Gavronsky | Observer 2
Reference ID: 09769

11: Claire Gavronsky | 1963
Reference ID: 09770

12: William Kentridge and Marguerite Stephens | Espagne et Portugal
Reference ID: 05578

13: William Kentridge and Marguerite Stephens | Porter series: ConquĂȘtes d'Alexander
Reference ID: 09758

14: William Kentridge and Marguerite Stephens | Porter series: Russie d'Europe (Man with bed on back)
Reference ID: 09759

15: William Kentridge and Marguerite Stephens | Porter series: Egypt
Reference ID: 09761

16: William Kentridge and Marguerite Stephens | Porter series: Carte L'Asie Mineure (Tree Man)
Reference ID: 09762

17: Gerhard Marx | Hortus Siccus: Bush
Reference ID: 08612

18: Johann Moolman | The man who planted a seed
Reference ID: 09574

19: Walter Oltmann | Disarticulated flower
Reference ID: 09766

20: James Smith | Bench, Transvaal teak riempie
Reference ID: 09774

21: Colijn Strydom | City flowers
Reference ID: 08604

22: Colijn Strydom | Aren't all beautiful things far away?
Reference ID: 09637

23: Willem Strydom | Water from an ancient well
Reference ID: 08361

24: Egon Tania | Where would Woodstock stock wood, if Woodstock would stock wood?
Reference ID: 07672

25: Cynthia Villet | Composition with herdsman
Reference ID: 00593

26: Gina Waldman | Serviettes
Reference ID: 08626

27: Cassandra Wilmot | Prosthetic III 1/5
Reference ID: 08687/1

28: Cassandra Wilmot | Prosthetic IV 1/5
Reference ID: 08688/1

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