Small Worlds

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Ardmore Studio
Wilson Baloyi
Nomabaso Bedeshe
Gustav Bester
Sancha Cronje
Jerris Doig
Laura du Toit
East African artist, Ethiopia
East African artist, Kenya, Masai
East African artist, Malawi
East African artist, Rwanda, Tutsi
Ghanaian artist
Katherine Glenday
Mishek Gudo
Thembi, Nomphumelelo, Thokozani. Jele, Shongwe, Mbamali (Fancy Stitch)
Themba Khumalo
Foni Kofi
Belinda Leontsinis
Japhter Luvhimbi
Bizani Magwaza
Moses Mangaiso
Qwaa Mangana
Jabu Masuku
Thandeka Mathenjwa
Esther Mguni
Khanyisile Mhlongo (Ilala Weavers)
Caesar Mkhize and Thafa Dlamini
Johann Moolman
Multiple producers
Hlengiwe Myeni (Fancy Stitch)
Thembi Nala
Richard Ndlovu
Alpheus Ngodwane
Noelle Obers
Malcolm Payne
Phillip Rikhotso
Rorke's Drift artist
Johannes Segogela
Southern African artist, Angola, Chokwe
Southern African artist, Botswana
Southern African artist, Botswana, Makenge
Southern African, Mozambique, Makonde
Southern African artist, South Africa, Kwazulu, Zulu
Southern African artist, South Africa, Ndebele
Southern African artist, South Africa, Tsonga
Southern African artist, South Africa, Xhosa
Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu
Southern African artist, Zambia, Lozi
Southern African artist, Zimbabwe
Southern African artist, Zimbabwe, Tonga
Ncamisile Tembe (Fancy Stitch)
Elvis Thamsanga
Caroline van der Merwe
Clementina van der Walt
Wiebke von Bismarck
Meusuku Vuia
Lynley Watson
West African artist
West African artist, Akan
West African artist, Gambia
West African artist, Ghana, Akuaba
West African artist, Nigeria, Mma
Michael Zondi
Obed Zulu
Edward Zwane

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At Tokara Winery

Small Worlds

We all collect objects, not only because we like the aesthetic quality of each object but also because each reminds us of where we were when we found it, or the person who made it, or some kind of association.

Exhibition info

Viewing: Tuesday to Saturday 09h00 - after dinner
Sunday 10h00 - 16h00
Monday 09h00 - 17h00

And so each piece carries with it the story of its maker, and the story of its connection to its collector. These 'Small Worlds' become layered as the objects change hands, either through generations or between collectors.

This exhibition, Small Worlds, is a sinuous display of disparate pieces by all sorts of makers, creating further connections between them. They'll appear unconnected when you browse through them as individual pieces on our website, so we hope you will be able to get to Tokara to look at the display, read some of their stories and contribute your own response.

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106 artworks - click the Title for full details

1: Ardmore Studio | Guinea fowl egg cup, made by Elias and painted by Gladys
Reference ID: 09596

2: Ardmore Studio | Jug with organic decorations and leopard detail
Reference ID: 11106

3: Wilson Baloyi | Spoon
Reference ID: 01191

4: Wilson Baloyi | Spoon
Reference ID: 10663

5: Nomabaso Bedeshe | Animal dish (elephant)
Reference ID: 00090

6: Nomabaso Bedeshe | Bowl with animal heads
Reference ID: 02173

7: Gustav Bester | Circular brooch centred with colourful triangle
Reference ID: 09598

8: Sancha Cronje | Vessel
Reference ID: 01193

9: Jerris Doig | Bowl, embossed outside with deep blue inside
Reference ID: 09591

10: Laura du Toit | Red vessel with neck
Reference ID: 04133

11: East African artist, Ethiopia | Headrest
Reference ID: 04122

12: East African artist, Ethiopia | Headrest
Reference ID: 04123

13: East African artist, Ethiopia | Headrest
Reference ID: 04124

14: East African artist, Kenya, Masai | Maasai necklace
Reference ID: 04114

15: East African artist, Kenya, Masai | Maasai cattle bell
Reference ID: 04117

16: East African artist, Malawi | Comb
Reference ID: 01194

17: East African artist, Rwanda, Tutsi | Tutsi wrist guard
Reference ID: 04128

18: Ghanaian artist | Ashanti bangle with aardvarks
Reference ID: 02172

19: Katherine Glenday | Bowl with mud from Niger
Reference ID: 07890

20: Mishek Gudo | Cyclone Japhet
Reference ID: 02040

21: Mishek Gudo | Shave rehove - Possessed by the fish's spirit
Reference ID: 02345

22: Mishek Gudo | Nguva yekufara - Happy times
Reference ID: 02346

23: Thembi, Nomphumelelo, Thokozani. Jele, Shongwe, Mbamali (Fancy Stitch) | Cactus, pot plant and flower
Reference ID: 08366

24: Themba Khumalo | Jakkal catching a hornbill
Reference ID: 04222

25: Foni Kofi | African design
Reference ID: 02830

26: Foni Kofi | Kitchen utensils
Reference ID: 02844

27: Foni Kofi | The Boutique (Shoe in the middle)
Reference ID: 02846

28: Belinda Leontsinis | Pinch-pot small bowl
Reference ID: 11426

29: Belinda Leontsinis | Pinch-pot small bowl
Reference ID: 11427

30: Japhter Luvhimbi | Seated man: Craftsman
Reference ID: 05880

31: Bizani Magwaza | Ukhamba pot (dark brown)
Reference ID: 04193

32: Bizani Magwaza | Ukhamba pot (black)
Reference ID: 04194

33: Moses Mangaiso | Musician baboon
Reference ID: 06625

34: Moses Mangaiso | Spider monkey
Reference ID: 06626

35: Qwaa Mangana | Man and two dogs 45/80
Reference ID: 05859/45

36: Jabu Masuku | The man sewing a traditional skirt for his daughter
Reference ID: 09548

37: Thandeka Mathenjwa | Through the hills
Reference ID: 09542

38: Esther Mguni | Ndebele beaded woman
Reference ID: 08867

39: Khanyisile Mhlongo (Ilala Weavers) | Giant basket with geometric patterning
Reference ID: 03364

40: Caesar Mkhize and Thafa Dlamini | Beaded horse and bull
Reference ID: 05956

41: Johann Moolman | The man who planted a seed
Reference ID: 09574

42: Multiple producers | Two beaded necklaces, including board
Reference ID: 11542

43: Multiple producers | Brooch, beaded apron and three necklaces, including board
Reference ID: 11543

44: Multiple producers | Maasai cattle bell and Ashanti bangle, including board
Reference ID: 11544

45: Multiple producers | Two necklaces and two beaded ankle decorations, including board
Reference ID: 11545

46: Hlengiwe Myeni (Fancy Stitch) | The beauty of nature
Reference ID: 09538

47: Thembi Nala | Uphiso
Reference ID: 04195

48: Richard Ndlovu | White star basket
Reference ID: 02056

49: Alpheus Ngodwane | Spotted cow
Reference ID: 01603

50: Alpheus Ngodwane | Black and orange kangaroo
Reference ID: 02062

51: Noelle Obers | Blue porcelain bowl, with orange-yellow inside
Reference ID: 09590

52: Malcolm Payne | Chimbird #1
Reference ID: 10724

53: Malcolm Payne | Chimbird A
Reference ID: 10725

54: Malcolm Payne | Chimbird #15
Reference ID: 10726

55: Phillip Rikhotso | Man with spotted jacket (9)
Reference ID: 01733

56: Phillip Rikhotso | Tall man with spotted jacket (11)
Reference ID: 01734

57: Rorke's Drift artist | Vase
Reference ID: 02772

58: Johannes Segogela | Couple, man in black suit and woman in grey suit, with stand
Reference ID: 08988

59: Southern African artist, Angola, Chokwe | Chokwe mask
Reference ID: 04120

60: Southern African artist, Botswana | Bowl shaped basket
Reference ID: 02921

61: Southern African artist, Botswana | Woven basket with diamond pattern
Reference ID: 07847

62: Southern African artist, Botswana | Bowl shaped basket
Reference ID: 11103

63: Southern African artist, Botswana, Makenge | Makenge basket
Reference ID: 04109

64: Southern African, Mozambique, Makonde | Makonde figure
Reference ID: 04106

65: Southern African artist, South Africa, Kwazulu, Zulu | Bowl with blue, whites and yellow design
Reference ID: 09586

66: Southern African artist, South Africa, Ndebele | Pepethu
Reference ID: 02899

67: Southern African artist, South Africa, Tsonga | Chicken on her nest
Reference ID: 09592

68: Southern African artist, South Africa, Xhosa | Man's beaded necklace
Reference ID: 02017

69: Southern African artist, South Africa, Xhosa | Man's beaded necklace
Reference ID: 02098

70: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Green basket
Reference ID: 02058

71: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Zulu beaded apron
Reference ID: 02107

72: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Telephone wire basket with lizards and beetles
Reference ID: 02692

73: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Ankle decorations joined later by red plastic bead panel
Reference ID: 04062

74: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Ankle decorations in white with five dark patterns
Reference ID: 04063

75: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Necklace with three strands joined by white bands
Reference ID: 04064

76: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Wide bands in zigzag pattern, used as body decorations
Reference ID: 04071

77: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Telephone wire basket with radiating leaf shapes
Reference ID: 04136

78: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Telephone wire basket with orange and blue centre and red outer rim
Reference ID: 04137

79: Southern African artist, South Africa, Zulu | Telephone wire basket with complex design in many colours
Reference ID: 04138

80: Southern African artist, Zambia, Lozi | Lozi clay jug with animal head
Reference ID: 01954

81: Southern African artist, Zambia, Lozi | Lozi dish
Reference ID: 04112

82: Southern African artist, Zimbabwe | Woven grass basket - traditional style
Reference ID: 07419

83: Southern African artist, Zimbabwe, Tonga | Winnowing basket
Reference ID: 04110

84: Ncamisile Tembe (Fancy Stitch) | Greenlands
Reference ID: 09545

85: Elvis Thamsanga | Yellow basket
Reference ID: 02052

86: Caroline van der Merwe | Seated nude
Reference ID: 00589

87: Clementina van der Walt | Lidded dish
Reference ID: 09594

88: Clementina van der Walt | Lidded dish
Reference ID: 11538

89: Clementina van der Walt | Lidded dish
Reference ID: 11539

90: Clementina van der Walt | Lidded dish
Reference ID: 11540

91: Clementina van der Walt | Lidded dish
Reference ID: 11541

92: Wiebke von Bismarck | Beige bowl
Reference ID: 01641

93: Wiebke von Bismarck | Blue pot
Reference ID: 01642

94: Meusuku Vuia | Woven basket
Reference ID: 04264

95: Lynley Watson | Jug
Reference ID: 09801

96: West African artist | Powder glass beads (77 cm)
Reference ID: 02682a

97: West African artist | Powder glass beads (66 cm)
Reference ID: 02682b

98: West African artist, Akan | Akan male fertility figure
Reference ID: 02190

99: West African artist, Gambia | Amber necklace
Reference ID: 04108

100: West African artist, Ghana, Akuaba | Akuaba fertility dolls
Reference ID: 04126

101: West African artist, Nigeria, Mma | Mma mask
Reference ID: 04118

102: Michael Zondi | Mother and children
Reference ID: 07646

103: Obed Zulu | Angel with child
Reference ID: 01541

104: Obed Zulu | Angel
Reference ID: 01542

105: Edward Zwane | Hoopoe
Reference ID: 01041

106: Edward Zwane | Hammerkop
Reference ID: 01042

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