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Conrad Botes
Marco Cianfanelli
Jacques Dhont
East African artist, Ethiopia
Furniture maker
Sydney Kumalo
Allan Lutge
Caesar Mkhize and Thafa Dlamini
Brett Murray
John Murray
Phillip Rikhotso
Lyndi Sales
Claudette Schreuders
Bongani Peter Shange
Southern African artist, Angola, Chokwe
Egon Tania
Caroline van der Merwe
Edoardo Villa
West African artist, Ghana, Akuaba
Edward Zwane

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Until 31 March 2012

When you visit this exhibition the first sculpture on show stands at the entrance to Tokara Winery: Marco Cianfanelli's 'Mind's vine', an intricate stainless steel group of vines supporting webs of words about sensory experience and winemaking history.

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In the exhibition area, Marco Cianfanelli's laser cut sculptures and Egon Tania's carved figures don't seem conventionally compatible counterparts, nor are Lyndi Sales and Claudette Schreuders pieces harmonious next to those by Sydney Kumalo or Phillip Rikhotso. It is exactly these combinations - from the tongue-in-cheek wall pieces of Brett Murray to the fragility of life in Lyndi Sales's installation, from the narrative and mythological in Phillip Rikhotso's figures to the abstracted in Edoardo Villa's bronze panel that provides the exhibition with an aesthetic which tributes our continent as an incubator of major 3-dimensional thinkers. Dispersed between these works are mid 20th century African headrests, figures and masks from Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana and Mozambique. Two drawings by John Murray, 'Sunbeam' and 'Upapa Africa', embody the spirit of exhibition.

39 artworks - click the Title for full details

1: Conrad Botes | Shoe cabinet
Reference ID: 07668

2: Marco Cianfanelli | The mind's vine
Reference ID: 05955

3: Marco Cianfanelli | Aggregate I-V
Reference ID: 07671

4: Marco Cianfanelli | Aggregate I
Reference ID: 07671a

5: Marco Cianfanelli | Aggregate II
Reference ID: 07671b

6: Marco Cianfanelli | Aggregate III
Reference ID: 07671c

7: Marco Cianfanelli | Aggregate IV
Reference ID: 07671d

8: Marco Cianfanelli | Aggregate V
Reference ID: 07671e

9: Jacques Dhont | Home is where the heart is
Reference ID: 07674

10: East African artist, Ethiopia | Headrest
Reference ID: 04122

11: East African artist, Ethiopia | Headrest
Reference ID: 04123

12: East African artist, Ethiopia | Headrest
Reference ID: 04124

13: Furniture maker | Bench, Cape Regency stinkwood
Reference ID: 05736

14: Furniture maker | Calamander display cabinet
Reference ID: 07673

15: Sydney Kumalo | Man and beast 5/5
Reference ID: 03855

16: Allan Lutge | Yellowwood sofa table with h-stretcher
Reference ID: 07682

17: Caesar Mkhize and Thafa Dlamini | Beaded horse and bull
Reference ID: 05956

18: Brett Murray | Layered coconut
Reference ID: 07666

19: Brett Murray | Rogue I
Reference ID: 07667

20: John Murray | Sunbeam
Reference ID: 07663

21: John Murray | Upapa Africana
Reference ID: 07664

22: Phillip Rikhotso | Bearded man with creature on his back (8)
Reference ID: 01728

23: Phillip Rikhotso | Red beaked man (7)
Reference ID: 01732

24: Phillip Rikhotso | Man with spotted jacket (9)
Reference ID: 01733

25: Phillip Rikhotso | Tall man with spotted jacket (11)
Reference ID: 01734

26: Lyndi Sales | 159/295
Reference ID: 07665

27: Claudette Schreuders | A bird in hand 15/20
Reference ID: 04248/15

28: Claudette Schreuders | The virgin (unframed)
Reference ID: 07669

29: Claudette Schreuders | The virgin 15/35
Reference ID: 07669/15

30: Claudette Schreuders | Paradise
Reference ID: 07670

31: Claudette Schreuders | Paradise 25/35
Reference ID: 07670/25

32: Bongani Peter Shange | Young man 3/5
Reference ID: 07600/3

33: Southern African artist, Angola, Chokwe | Chokwe mask
Reference ID: 04120

34: Egon Tania | Where would Woodstock stock wood, if Woodstock would stock wood?
Reference ID: 07672

35: Caroline van der Merwe | Seated nude
Reference ID: 00589

36: Edoardo Villa | Bronze panel 4/6
Reference ID: 05345

37: West African artist, Ghana, Akuaba | Akuaba fertility dolls
Reference ID: 04126

38: Edward Zwane | Hoopoe
Reference ID: 01041

39: Edward Zwane | Hammerkop
Reference ID: 01042

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